In Our Own Backyard

I’ve mapped our front yard and tree plans, so now it’s time to look at the backyard.  I’d like the back area to be very dog-friendly and low-maintenance, so I’ll keep it mostly grassy.  I’ll go through this map for you clockwise, starting with the driveway picture at the top…it’s decomposed granite, but I bet you already knew that. 

We plan to have our edible garden along the studio.  Our garden at the old house has certainly served its purpose, but I’ve learned a few things from it.  I like raised beds, but they have to be narrow enough for me to get my hands all the way back to pick the tomatoes from the very back without being scared.  The gardens in the picture aren’t exactly what I have planned, but they are similar.  I want a very narrow (about 2 feet), long (as long as the studio runs from the deck to the end), raised bed with a nice trellis along the back.

The next picture represents the L-shaped wooden deck that will be wide enough for a table, chairs, and grill…unfortunately we won’t have a pool like the picture does.  The deck will be the bridge between the house and studio.

We’ll want some shade on the back deck, so a sail shade is perfect to hang in an L-shaped area, plus it’s inexpensive and really modern looking.

I hate the feel of Houston grass on my bare feet, so I will place pavers around the main pathways of the house.  This also gives the dogs a nice, non-muddy path to take in the rain too.

And finally, there’s the fence that will surround the lot.  We haven’t decided on the perfect keep-it-private-but-don’t-hide-the-whole-house height, but we think it will be wooden and horizontally slatted.


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