Moving Forward

Lots of stuff going on around here, and we can officially call this one of the most stressful weeks of our lives…

We still haven’t closed on the old house.  Our date was February 28, but there was an issue on the title from before we bought the house, and apparently the title company needed more time to work it out.  This was annoying, but what was worse was the response from our buyers: they backed out!  I’m not sure if they didn’t understand what was happening, if they got upset about the wait, or what, but our realtor (we share the same realtor with the buyers) ran offensive like a pro, and just a couple hours later, I got the call that the buyers were back on board.  Talk about a crazy day…we had resigned to just put the house back on the market and show the place around all the boxes that recently moved back to our house from storage…ugh.  Anyway, our realtor had the buyers sign an extension to the contract, and our new closing date is MONDAY!!  We’re cautiously going forward with our plan to rent from our buyers, but things are just a little scarier than they were before, knowing that anything can happen at any minute, or anyone can change their minds whenever they want to.

This seems like old news, but I haven’t shared it here yet: we had our fight with the city about our setback a couple of weeks ago, and it ended in a compromise.  Remember, we wanted to build at 10’ from the street, rather than the 25’ that was mandated for our lot.  The city settled on 15’ after our documentation and appearance at City Hall (I am choosing to skip the bloody details here in hopes that someday I might just forget them, but let’s just say that someone involved is really bad at his job, and now his boss knows).   The only positive thing about their decision was that it was based on the area being ripe for new development, which reaffirms our decision to buy and build there.

We’ve had a soil test on the lot this week, and that tells the builders where the water table is and how steady the soil is, which is all very important when digging piers for the foundation.  This is the first part of the non-glamorous or fun things that just have to be done and paid for before the good things get going.

We’ve made a few structural changes to our site plan, based on the city’s setback ruling and also saving money.  We’ll connect the roofs of the house and studio in order to share one HVAC system between the two structures, as well as plumbing and electricity lines.  The roofs will connect to form a covered walkway between the two, but we’re having some issues with the structural engineer approving things to our standards.  We’re hoping this gets fixed early next week, and then we are off to the bank (finally) to begin this project.

When do we move?  Well, the simple answer to that is, whenever the house is finished.  It’s hard not being in control of our timing or housing, but we know this home will get built sooner or later.  Hopefully sooner.


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