Finished and Finishes

SOLD!  Did you hear that?  SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!!  We signed the papers with the buyers on Monday, and we are officially renters in our own home!  This is especially great because we don’t have to rent another place while the house is being constructed, and the new owners are in no hurry to move in (they didn’t even balk when I said it could be as long as 6 months).  Of course, the first part of this project being finished makes us ten times more anxious to move into the new house, but that’s the next slow process we’ll have to deal with.

In the meantime, we’re still looking at all the finishes for our house (cabinets, counters, floors, all that).  Ikea will likely be the source of quite a few of our finishes, but did you know that you can actually buy a whole home there?  Ideabox, a prefab home company and Ikea have teamed up to make Aktiv (yep, it even has an Ikea-sounding name):

image from Ideabox

image from Young House Love

image from Jetson Green

At 745 square feet, the Aktiv is a one bedroom/one bath and sells for $86,500, and that’s with all the finishes from Ikea included, plus lots of green features.   Not a bad deal at all, really.


3 thoughts on “Finished and Finishes

  1. Hi DGB, thanks for reading. I see what you are saying, but the Aktiv isn’t mobile; it looks a lot more modern than a single-wide; and I don’t know of any other trailers using such innovative materials and techniques:
    So, if this is the trailer of the future just because the shape is similar, I’m liking it better than those of the past.

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