Vertically Challenged

Vertical gardens, or living walls, are a really cool trend that can be achieved on a small or very large scale.  They can be easy to adapt for a focal piece in your yard, or they could cover your whole home.

Woolly Pockets (suitable for inside or outside planting) may be the most well-known brand for small vertical gardening.

image from Sunset

Vertical succulent gardens, contained within a frame, are also really pretty, and the one below is possibly in the perfect location…watering probably won’t even be needed with the humidity from the bath:

image from Flora Grubb

Vertical gardens come big, too, like the one that covers the building below with gorgeous, natural patterns:

image from The Grow Spot

Below is a house covered in rows of channels filled with plants to achieve a sense of privacy:

images from Dornob

The building below has thousands of vases attached to it with the same plants (we call these Mother-in-Law’s Tongues) coming out of each.  This makes a really beautiful and dramatic exterior.

image from Studio G

There’s also a lot of talk out there about vertical farming, which is essentially the same concept, but with the idea of providing produce for city centers.  Below is Toronto’s proposed Sky Farm:

image from TreeHugger

I’ll probably play with vertical gardening on our fence or the side of the studio.  I wonder about the plants getting overly dry while hanging up, but it’s too pretty not to give it a shot.


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