Whew, a whirlwind week full of old friends evolved into a horrible, lingering cold/flu/allergies/who knows what, so apologies for not checking in here for about a week.  Today’s post is about sitting, as that’s all I have the energy to do this week.

When you enter our future front door, there will be a coat closet to your left, and enough room for a bench on the right.  I’ve always liked the general no-shoes-inside rule, but I don’t mandate that for guests.  Having a nice bench with shoes lined up below it will give a clue, at least, that shoes aren’t required.

image from Apartment Therapy

The benches above and below are my ideal ones, but both are fairly unattainable due to price and availability.  I think I like both of these so much because of their unique multi-functionality (Is that even a word? I can barely think and type at the same time here, cough, cough.).

image from Design*Sponge

Below is a simple DIY bench, made from reclaimed wood and hairpin legs, but it’s really nice and simple, and it would go anywhere easily.

image from The Stir

image from Marvel Building

The beautiful bench above is also a planter, and the one below could hold your shoes, records, or books…again with the mixed-use furniture.  The bottom one is also nice because of the wheels, and it’s super similar to what we’ll be doing for our television console in the new house using a long shelf that we made a few years back.

image from This Next


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