Contain Yourself

In all the sickness and busy-ness lately, I totally missed a milestone for the blog: 200 posts!  In addition to the posts, over 45,000 people have clicked on Rock N Roll Problems since I started it! Wow!

As I usually do to celebrate these occasions, below are some newer homes and buildings made from shipping containers that I’ve seen out there lately.

My husband took this photo of a shipping container housing unit in Munich last week!

image of a home made from an upturned, reclaimed truck trailer (super similar to a container, right?) from LA Times Blog

image from Housing Design Trend

Container treehouse from Pinterest!

image from Shipping Container Homes Guide

image from Domain

Office building in Providence from SmartPlanet

image from Texas Container Homes (I imagine our house and studio will be joined kind of like this one.)

image of a lakeside home with a green roof from GLiving

How cool is it that these buildings just keep popping up everywhere?  I’m hoping to be back to full speed on Monday with updates about our own container house!


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