After living with an acre of land for so long, we’ve accumulated a mass of yard equipment, and we’ll probably need to assign a special place to store the stuff at the new house, or it’ll just end up cluttering the studio…like it does now.

We could easily get the ubiquitous storage shed model sold in the parking lot of the home stores (below), but there are other options out there that might meld with our architecture better.

image from Cheap Sheds

Our first thought was to get a tiny container, like the small 6×6 foot one below.  I am sure I’ve seen these with roll-front doors before too.  We could easily paint this little guy to match our house and studio, and it would work really nicely to store all our yard equipment.

image from Container Container

We could get another large container for our property, like a 20-footer, and utilize it in various ways, like I dreamed about in this post.

And then there’s this interesting idea that I recently saw.  This is a lean-to shed (ideally, it could lean against our studio container on the back side where there isn’t much land anyway), and it’s sold as a kit.  This is something that we could probably enlist my dad to help us with, and it would be an easy weekend project.

image from Jetson Green

Or, we could carve out three or four feet (just enough room to park a mower and hang up our supplies) at one end or the other of our studio container, put up a wall, and use the container doors functionally…but I hate to give up that space, and that’s something we’d definitely have to plan out with our contractors or developer before the job starts, so we might have more freedom with one of the options above.


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