The Toilet Post

I always dreaded the day I’d write the post about toilets.  However, they are a super important piece of the new house, so  here it goes.  There are lots of options out there, but basically we’ll want affordable, water-efficient (most are these days), possibly dual-flush cans with smooth profiles.  What do I mean by that last part?  I want as few angles and curves on the base of the toilet as possible because it makes for easier cleaning.

So, I’d rather skip this traditional curvy $200 throne:

image from Glacier Bay

For something more simple in design, like this $300 Toto model:

image from National Builder Supply

Once you start looking at modern toilets, things begin to get more exciting than you might think.  For example, here’s an awesome wall-mounted unit (couldn’t be easier to clean that that!) by Eago for under $300:

image from Homeware HQ

Or this very square one, also from Eago:

image from Fixture Universe

Here’s an overly-complicated toilet with a remote, speakers, lighting, heated seat, and air dryer for $6000:

image from Young House Love

And a very green (and large) composting toilet for $1700:

image from Sun-Mar

A friend of mine who recently invested in really nice bathroom fixtures advised me not to overlook the importance of matching a toilet to the sink and tub in color and style, so I think the image below is a pretty nice example of just that:

image from Desire to Inspire


3 thoughts on “The Toilet Post

  1. I can say I have that top model from Glacier Bay installed, and it’s the best one I’ve used ever. Bought it for $98 at Home Depot and it’s WaterSense, low water, etc. The flush is strong and never had a problem plus the install was simple. But as for style, I like these other ideas you’ve posted, too.

    • I knew someone would comment on that Glacier Bay toilet! I know it’s a good one, but all those goose-neck curves are such a pain to clean around. I just want flat, clean lines to make my life easier. 🙂

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