Shelf Life

Today we are transferring the free shelving units we got months back out of our (far too kind) friends’ garage.  This, plus the fact that I’m missing all my books that are packed away  awaiting the big move, makes me have bookshelves on the brain.  I’ve accumulated a fair share of new images of shelves recently, and these are my favorites:

image from Dwell magazine

I really like a book shelf or unit in the kitchen, like the images above and below show.  It’s good for cookbooks or books that you want to display, and we’ll have this in our new home.  I’m hoping that the shelves are just deep enough that we might be able to store one of our antique typewriters on it.

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Design*Sponge

The cube of books above is a pretty cool idea for a coffee table or even for a counter of sorts that you could study on top of.  The narrow hallway lined with shelves below is really nice too. 

image from House Mode

image from Roseland Greene

The shelves above are made from a really pretty wood, and the colors and light in the room make it just about perfect.


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