Ceiling Fan

Before repainting all the ceilings in our old house last winter, I never gave much thought at all to that space up there.  In the new house, though, you’ll see the corrugated lines of the container ceilings in most rooms (we’ll insulate and have attic space above the 9.5′ ceilings and below the roof), so it’s almost like they are on display.  I’ve started noticing other interesting ceilings out there…

image from Inman News

Above is a container ceiling in an unfinished home built by Numen (our developer), and the house is finished now, but the ceiling looks the same.  Below is another container home with blue-painted ceilings.

image from Jetson Green

image from Design*Sponge

Above and below are also corrugated, but they appear to be made of wood (and the plants below are so pretty with the modern furniture and all the wood).

image from Analog Dialog

image from Pinterest

 The ceilings above and below are also wooden, but really different in nature.

image from Desire to Inspire

image from The Designer Pad

The pictures above and below might be my favorite interesting ceilings.  Above is another container home, but textured panels are used on the ceiling.  Below is a metal ceiling made of something that looks like diamond plate aluminum…something you normally see in trucks or for industrial flooring.  It works really well to reflect light from the windows with the terrazzo floors, though.

image from Desire to Inspire


4 thoughts on “Ceiling Fan

  1. Hi – I’ve been following your blog for about a year. Really pleased to see you going down the container home route! I am planning the same thing here in Australia. Thought you might like to see another container home in your country (though you may already know of it) : http://8747house.blogspot.com
    I like her use of wood on the ceilings and may consider the same for my own place.
    Good luck with your progress – I will continue following!!

  2. Thanks April – I’m just at the point of finalising the purchase of 25 acres of former sheep farm about 2 hours south west of Sydney on which to build. I can understand the excitement you must be feeling about your new house I’m squirming like I’ve got worms!!
    Here’s a link to my other blog (haven’t decided whether to use WordPress or blogger yet!) which has a few more views of my design plus images of the model I made from the drawings! : http://selfcontainered.blogspot.com.au/
    I hope to begin building before the end of the year.(I have 6 months or so of overseas backpacking adventure to do before then !!)

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