False Hope

I’ve seen fake purses and watches, but fake hedges and vertical gardens?  For some reason, even though I’ve worked in craft stores and seen my fair share of fake florals, I never imagined that they could be used outside or be so realistic.

I came across a convincing boxwood a week or so ago at lunch with coworkers.  While eating out on the pretty patio of a local restaurant, I touched (because I always do) what I thought was a lush vine growing very obediently along the walls.  I was shocked to find the leaves instead made of plastic.

At first I was embarrassed that the restaurant chose to go fake instead of growing the real thing, but then I started thinking about the big advantages of faux: no maintenance and no waiting—the plant looks exactly how you want it to look immediately and always.  This may actually be a great idea for a new home with little landscaping or as another type of  privacy fence.

image from Domino Magazine (you know it’s back in stores, right??)

image from Artificial Hedge (you can buy or even rent hedges from them)


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