Fancy Fridge

Our first real purchase for the new house: a refrigerator!

image from Sears Outlet

Yes, this may be a strange first purchase, but we’ll need it, and we came upon a good deal on a pretty high-end fridge this weekend, so we couldn’t resist.  This refrigerator was almost half-off the list price, and it has everything we wanted: it’s a side-by-side with tons of storage in both compartments, and it has water and ice in the door (yeah, we’re a little late to that party, but we have never owned a fridge with such amenities).  We have hereby committed ourselves to white appliances with this purchase; but not just any white appliances: glossy, smooth-surfaced, modern-looking white appliances!  I saw last week that Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn declared that “glossy white appliances are the new stainless steel,” so we are happy to lead the charge!

Now to find an affordable and attractive range (harder than you might think: white ovens are often really cheap looking) and dishwasher…below are some favorites, but I’m guessing they remain out of my price range…

image of Residential Nova by Bluestar from Houzz

image of Maytag dishwasher from


8 thoughts on “Fancy Fridge

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  2. We had that fridge – the first picture – we had it for six years – and it sucked. Good luck with the fridge – it was the worst for us.

  3. Please make sure to give an update when you find a range–I’ll be looking for the same (decent white range on a budget) in a few months. Thanks!

  4. It is a glossy fridge–I just like that finish so much better than the old style. We are going with Ikea cabinets (cheap, modern-looking, and we’ve had Ikea cabinets in the house we are now for over 15 years, and no issues):

    We currently have butcher block counters, but I’m looking forward to something new, like quartz. Going with a mix of marble and wood is a good idea to save money! I also love marmoleum, and we may go with that for our bathrooms.

    Please share your project when you are done, it sounds beautiful!

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