Configuring Windows

Windows, sigh.  I don’t know anything about windows, and it’s pretty hard to get help with them, judging from the experiences we’ve had in the past week.  In the future house, our windows will all be 6×2′.  I’ve researched a bit, and, given that most of our windows will be oriented horizontally, I think we will be deciding between the four types below:

image from Studio 101 Designs

image from Dwell Magazine

image from Windoor

It seems like most modern homes have fixed casements because the solid rectangle of glass isn’t broken up into sections, and therefore doesn’t take away from the overall look of the house.  We’d like to be able to open at least some of our windows to take advantage of the occasional breeze down here, so I especially like the operating awnings because they look fixed, but can pop out.  I believe there are some restrictions on the size an awning window can be, so we may end up with gliders, which are fine too, but they have visible lines.

This all seems over-thought, I know, but we’re coming from a 1920s home with the original wavy-glass, double-hung, rope pulley windows that, over the years, have been cut and painted shut, rendering them inoperable.  I’ve never had a window as an adult that actually opened, so it would be nice.  Now, don’t even get me thinking of vinyl vs. aluminum and single vs. double pane windows right now…oof.


2 thoughts on “Configuring Windows

  1. We (my wife Pitchapuk and I) stayed in a container hotel in Thailand that had one large sliding window and one large glass door. The design was super simple and the amount of light it let in really made a HUGE difference in opening up the small space. 20 foot container…

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