From the Windows to the Doors

I believe we’ve solved our window dilemma with the help of a good salesperson.  We’re going with a mix of fixed and glider windows (glider is our best operational choice, given the size of the windows). The windows will be double-paned and coated in a Low E UV protectant. The frames will be bronze anodized (which appears black), thermal break aluminum. Our sliding doors in the bedroom, living room, and studio will match the windows. I’ve been pointing out our window style on every building I pass now…it’ll look something like these windows:

image from Ali Baba

image from P and P Glass

Our next decision involves the plates that will join the flooring of the containers. Remember, we’re using the existing wood floors of gently-used, chemical-free containers and we’re refinishing and sealing with the most environmentally-friendly products we can. We had originally considered bright silver aluminum kickplates, but we may want to reconsider to match our window frames.  You can see in the picture below that they painted their joints with red to highlight the container’s lines.

image from Truth is Reason

Oh boy, this may mean that we need to reconsider door handles and hardware as well…would that be too matchy-matchy or just cohesive enough?

image from Direct Door Hardware

3 thoughts on “From the Windows to the Doors

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  2. Who are the manufacturers of your windows? We are working on a home remodel and I am looking for similar windows (we live in Seattle)

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