Tiling Theory

Things are getting real with contractors bidding for our future home!  Every day there seems to be a new detail to consider (or over-analyze if you are me).

Today I saw that we are being given a $6/square foot allowance for our bathroom tile.  That sounded like a decent price, until I went to Modwall’s site and saw that my very favorite tile with the most perfect name, City Sunshine, is actually $7.95 for a 1.15 square foot sheet.  While $2 more a square foot won’t bust our whole budget, we could use that money elsewhere.  I did a search for other pretty tile, but I am stuck on City Sunshine for our master bath.  Finally, it occurred to me that we could easily mix the preferred tile with a plainer, cheaper one.  Below, my favorite tile is paired with Cement grey at $4.50/square foot:

image from Modwalls

We could even mix up the size of the less expensive tile and go with larger squares on the floor, kind of the opposite of the bathroom below:

image from Jetson Green

This is definitely not a revolutionary idea, but one that will save us money and still look great.

2 thoughts on “Tiling Theory

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