Waterfall Surprises and Updates

Last week we made quite a bit of headway on the design of our kitchen.  We’ve bought our fridge and avowed to scour the web for sales on the rest of our appliances and base our opinions on the appliances on Consumer Reports reviews and aesthetics. We know the general style we’d like for our faucet and sink, but our taste exceeds our budget, so we’ll be looking for sales there too.

We’ve decided upon our Ikea cabinet configuration, and we’re pretty excited about the pull-out pantry, drawers for our lower cabinets, above-the-fridge cabinet, and display shelf.

image from Ikea Fans

image from TekBuild (that corner display shelf will end our cabinets near our bar)

We are going to try for quartz counters unless our budget absolutely won’t allow it (really, when you start looking, with the exception of laminate, most counter options are just about the same price installed).  And, we encountered a happy surprise last week with the design of the bar that separates the kitchen from the great room—we’ll have a waterfall counter.  What’s that?  It’s basically when the counter edge turns down to meet the floor.  Ours will also include a peep hole (there will be a gap space between the cabinet and counter side), which will be a fun design element to play with.

image from Granite Gurus

image from Houzz (see the peephole on the left?)

image from Four Walls and a Room


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