Coloring My Days

We’re still in the same holding pattern on the house as we were last week.  While we don’t have any bids in yet, we do have a lot of contractors asking a lot of questions, so that’s productive, at least.  Thank you guys for your calls, emails, tweets, and comments.  We’re hanging in there, and it’s always good to remember that building a house, while intensely frustrating, is still really just a rock n roll problem.

Since I can’t stop obsessing over the future details long enough to be all that unhappy about the present state of our house, here’s what we’re talking about at home…colors.  I thought we had agreed on green-greys for the exterior siding, but this weekend we started playing with the ideas of blue too.

image of house from West Standard, our house colored by me in Publisher

The blue above may not be exactly right, but I do like the pop of orange.  We also really like the knotty cedar (cheaper than clear, smooth cedar) used in the house above.  Below is our green design, which is more right-on with the colors:

image of house from Jetson Green, colors by me

Honestly, I would love either one…if only I had a house to paint these color schemes…


3 thoughts on “Coloring My Days

  1. I’m also a big fan of orange. I really like your green scheme – dark olive greens work really well with burnt orange. But that may have something to do with the Australian landscape, and the heat and the light here. It’s a harsher environment than you have in North America. Not so crazy about the blue though but it might suit your particular environment better!!
    Keep up with a positive attitude – the house WILL get built!

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