You know how it goes…you choose certain details early on, and you are bound to eventually change your mind, right?  I was set on two-toned cabinets from Ikea—Nexus brown for the lowers and Abstrakt high-gloss white up top—but then we saw the cabinets in person (for like the 100th time), and everything changed.

image from Apartment Therapy (two-toned, but not sure this is Ikea)

The first issue is that Nexus comes in birch or brown-black, which are both fine, but neither are the real brown that we are looking for.  (I could have sworn that Ikea used to make Nexus brown, am I wrong?)  Birch is very light and wouldn’t contrast much with white cabinets, and brown-black is more black than brown and may be too dark for a galley kitchen.  There is Adel, Ikea’s real brown cabinet, but it’s framed, and I am set on a completely smooth front door.

The other issue is that Abstrakt is so high-gloss that it’s reflective.  This isn’t a bad thing, but for quite a bit less money, Ikea’s Applad is a little less shiny and still smooth and white.  I really wouldn’t notice the difference between the two if I wasn’t picking them out myself.

We came home confused after the visit to Ikea.  Without Nexus, the two-toned theme wasn’t looking all that promising.  We started looking at pictures, and I began to accept the idea that all-white cabinets might not be that bad…hey, we have them in our old house, and they’ve worked out for years.  All-white Applad cabinets would save us money and they could match anything.

And that leads us to countertops…we had planned on white flecked quartz (although we were going to have to fight to include it in our contractor budget, with it being around $60/square foot).  White counters with white cabinets might be a little stark, so now we are considering grey counters, which is what we were first attracted to about a year ago when we started looking at finishes.  I like the Crystal Ash by Cosentino and Grey Expo by Silestone (the bargain choice).  It’s silly to say, but I love the fact that grey will look amazing with my majestic yellow Kitchenaid mixer.

Once we had a countertop idea, I Googled our combination, and actually found a kitchen using Applad and Grey Ash, and it looks great:

image from Smidgebox

Of course none of this is finalized yet, so there is still time to change my mind again.


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