Wants vs. Needs: Deck

Oh, I’m tired of these wants vs. needs posts already!  This might be the last one for awhile; they are getting depressing.

Today the deck is up for debate.  I want a deck for the same reason that everyone does: grilling, parties, eating outdoors, lounging in the sun, etc.  However, that can all be done in the yard or on a patio made of some other material like pavers, so the deck becomes a want, not really a need.  We do need a small porch and a couple of stairs to get out of the house, since it sits up about 18 inches.

Here’s our solution, based entirely on budget: we go with small pressure-treated wooden porches off the house and the studio.  We can make a pathway from the house to the studio with concrete pavers for now.  Later on, we can add the deck to connect the two spaces and we can do this with a team of friends/family members for way less than a contractor will do it.  We can even stylize it a bit so that you step down from the little porch to the new deck, and take one more step down from the future deck to the lawn.  It would look something like this:

Did you notice anything different about the drawing above as opposed to this one?  All the fun concrete overlapping pavers in the front are gone, as is most of the landscaping.  No worries, we will fill in landscape organically, and those pavers will make an appearance in the future too.

The other big decision of the week was that we will build our own fence, since we’ll only be building two sides for now anyway (the other two sides of the fence are very sturdy chain-length).  This saves a ton of money on labor, and it’ll give us a sense of ownership for having build something (or at least this is what I’m telling myself).


2 thoughts on “Wants vs. Needs: Deck

  1. May I recommend rangoon creepers and bougainvilleas for the chain link. Both have thorns and grow like crazy!

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