Laminate for a Minute

It’s apparently going to get harder before it gets easier to build this house…but more on that another day.

Today, let’s pretend that construction will begin soon and that I am picking out my countertops.  I’ve professed my love for quartz counters, and I’ve said I won’t budge on that decision, but believe it or not, I’m going to look at laminate counters tomorrow.

image from This Old House

I don’t really want laminate, but let’s discuss it for a minute.  It is the least expensive material out there, and it’s pretty versatile.  Also, and it’s like this was planned or something, we picked up a fun boomerang Formica sample from Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago, and I accidentally left it in my pocket.  That little sample went through the washer and dryer and came out completely unscathed.  That says something about its durability, so I’m willing to consider it.

image from Formica

Our designer likes Black Microdot (above, I can’t find a decent counter picture with it), but I’m going to have to see and feel it for myself.  I like the hard, cool feeling of quartz, and I know laminate won’t feel like this, but I need it to be smooth, at the very least.  It’s way too hard to look at samples online–I really can’t tell what they are really like.  In person in the showroom they just may win me over with the fun colors and patterns.

image from Kitchen Site


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