Liking Laminate

Maybe I’m easily swayed.  Laminate isn’t looking all that bad at all (of course, this is partly due to the fact that it’s probably 1/3 the cost of my beloved quartz).  I managed to limit myself to 25 sample tiles of yesterday from the aptly-named Laminate Countertops showroom.

This morning, I lined them up the samples somewhat randomly like some childhood match game, and started pulling the ones that I didn’t really like.  That left me with about 15 laminate tiles.  Then I did this:

Yep, I tried slicing them with a pocket knife.  The samples above showed no evidence of scratches (others were not nearly as strong).

Then, I got smart and realized that my cabinets are going to be white, so I should be doing this on a white surface…duh.  Below are my top four.  I have a favorite…do you?

Clockwise from top left, the sample brands and names are: Pionite Suede Moonlighting Papel; Lamin-Art Gris Streamline; Formica Flint Crystal; and Formica Burnt Strand (and please excuse the photography; I’m not that good).


4 thoughts on “Liking Laminate

  1. I like the Pionite. I think the stripes might be busy for a whole big counter. And to me the bottom right one looks like it’s trying to be something else (granite or glass or something).

  2. I like the Formica Burnt Strand too, Merriann, but I’m with Lesley–the Pionite is my top choice. It feels nice and I won’t be overwhelmed by the pattern. I like the flecks of white and other colors in the Pionite; it will hide little imperfections and crumbs!

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