Under the Influence

All the stress and disappointment this month made me almost forget about a very cool detail that our designer recently incorporated into our house: a built-in bar!

When we were searching for the perfect mid-century modern home a few years back, we kept noticing that all the best houses had built-in bars in their living rooms.  The bars were all fairly simple: cabinets built into nooks with doors on bottom and a few shelves above.  Some of the oddest houses we saw had actually turned their bars into religious shrines.

Maybe it was because I’ve been under the influence of Mad Men this summer or because the stress of this pre-construction phase is driving me to drink (kidding, Dad!), but I remembered these bars and asked our designer if it was something we could add, and she happily obliged.  It’s going to look a little something like this:

image from Georgia Peachez (I love the idea of fun wallpaper in a nook!)

image from Houzz


3 thoughts on “Under the Influence

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