One Man’s Trash…

We bought the book, Revolutionary Yardscaping, not too long ago at one of our favorite places, and I haven’t been able to put it down since.  The whole premise of the book is to landscape using found materials, and as I’ve written here before, my husband loves to pick up interesting items off the street with the intent of using them some time somewhere in his art or our house.  This book actually gives me ideas of things to do with all the rusty, weird junk we have in our garage.

all images on this post are from this book

Here’s a really pretty walkway made from wood (how cool would treated, reclaimed pallets look here?) and found steel plates:

This pathway is made of broken pieces of china, and the fence is made from leftover metal after a shape was cut out in a die shop:

Rusty metal circles, ceiling medallions, and doorknobs make an interesting path:

Rain chains are trendy, but expensive in stores; however, they can be made of old lengths of chain, wire, or even keys:

Great, right?  Our new neighborhood has quite a few industrial yards, so don’t be surprised if you see us walking around  picking up scraps even more than usual!


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