Busy, but Hopeful

Busy doesn’t even describe the state of things for us lately.  The house construction, unfortunately, is just a minor player in that busyness.  So, more apologies for light posting lately, I promise that things will get back on track.  In fact, they might even get better than that…our developer is currently working on revised plans for the city to review for construction, and that seems like good news, right?  Also, we have good feelings about our new general contractor, as he seems to know his way around the city bureaucracy AND shipping containers, hooray!

We are slowly working our way through the fixtures and finishes list, so here’s a sneak peek at our future guest sink and vanity:

image from Home Room Ideas

And it’s big brother in our master bath:

image from Reyudesign

Yep, it’s Ikea’s Godmorgon series.  It comes in dark and light brown, but also glossy white, grey, and red.  I’m unsure if it is important for the guest and master bath vanities to match, but if it is, I’d go with dark brown to match pretty much anything.  If matching isn’t a concern, I might try the glossy grey for a change in the master…especially if I get my ModWalls City Sunshine in the shower:

image from Houzz


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