The Silver Medal

This post’s title is influenced by the the Olympics, but it isn’t nearly as thrilling as watching trampoline, cycling track, or race walking (all very odd but fun-to-watch sports).  Today I get to share some details that may seem a little boring to most.  To me, the details are pretty exciting because things like door handles, bath accessories, and a mailbox mean we are making important decisions and heading towards our starting line.

The main thing that has influenced our recent decisions is that we’re going with silver finishes on windows, handles, and trims.  We were originally going with black (or bronze, as the aluminum windows claim), but we ran into an issue not being able to find the black/bronze finishes that we liked for anything beyond the window trim.  So, silver, chrome, satin, nickel, whatever you want to call it, that’s where we are now.

Here’s what our door handles will look like:

image from Lowes

And here is the matching front door hardware:

image from Lowes

Here’s our mailbox:

image from Umbra

And bath accessories:

image from Ikea

Oh, there are more too, but I don’t want to overstimulate you with all the shiny silver!

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