Wall to Wall

We’re considering living with light neutral colors on the walls of this new house because it’s so modern. Our old home boasted bright, unique paint colors in each room, but it could handle that with the older features and white trim and baseboards. We love color, but we will have a ton of it in our furniture and accents.

Because of the neutral walls, I’m especially excited about having wallpaper behind our built-in bar in the living area (and possibly behind the shelves in the kitchen). To match the other features that are actually coming together, we’ll want to carefully pick it out. It seems that a certain yellow color is factoring prominently in the house, as is grey (counters, bathroom, and probably the walls). I love peacock blue, lime green, and bright orange, so I am guessing they will sneak in too.

For a long time I wanted this wallpaper:

image from Houzz

I still like it, but I’ve see the tree pattern all over the design blogs in the last few years. Below are some ideas for our wallpaper (in no particular order), and keep in mind for price and pattern sake that it will be applied to a very small area.

Prices (per roll), makes, and sources of the wallpapers are below.

  1. Makelike Zig Zag Yellow Ochre from Design Public $150
  2. The Wallpaper Company Multi-Colored Modern Large Scale Leaf Strip from Home Depot $44.98
  3. Ferm Living Dotty from 2Modern $110
  4. Makelike Succulent Grey from Design Public $200
  5. Aimee Wilder No. 5 in Cairo from Design Public $165
  6. Cole & Son Hickory Lichen from Decorator’s Best $110
  7. Beacon House Leaves from Wallpapers to Go $21.99
  8. Graham & Brown Alpha from 2Modern $75
  9. Graham & Brown Spa Pastel from 2Modern $50
  10. Tempaper Gio Silver from 2Modern $45
  11. York Wallcoverings Retro Leaves from Home Depot $85.98
  12. Graham & Brown Soprano Teal from 2Modern $75

Do you have a favorite? A suggestion for another wallpaper altogether? I’d love to hear.


2 thoughts on “Wall to Wall

  1. I’m still amazed wall paper made such a comeback. As for color, we did the same in our first house, each room a different color. After we built our modern house, everything is white, like an art gallery. Now we are slowly adding artwork piece by piece, but we may have to pick a wall or two to cover with some color soon. I like #9 & #12.

  2. Yeah, I’m still scared of a roomful of wallpaper, but on a single wall or special place works for me. My husband agrees with your choices. He’s not crazy about the yellow patterned ones.
    Love the art gallery look!

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