Line It Up

An interesting development in our house’s design is changing the orientation and placement of our cedar cladding. Originally, we were going to have horizontal cedar boards on our bumpouts and on the porch and entryway, like you see in our house rendering below:

However, in the interest of budget, we’ve altered the design to include wood only on the porch around the front door (the bumpouts in the front will now be covered with Hardie siding), and we’ve changed the direction of the slats to be vertical to complement the corrugation lines of the container. I was worried at first that this may look too fence post-like, but there are different ways to install the vertical cedar siding that can be really pretty:

images above from Houzz

I’m hoping to avoid the grey cedar in the pictures above and below, as we’ll seal it and it’ll be covered, so weathering will be minimal.

image from Build Blog

image from Designalog

image from Real Cedar

Our front door will still be cedar slatted, and it will almost disappear in the lines, like the door below (but imagine vertical, rather than horizontal wood).

image from Houzz


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