Oven Fresh

A nice feature in our kitchen is the backsplash—it’s simply a long window right above the cabinets, kind of like the picture below:

image from Derkitc

I like this look for lots of reasons: it will let a ton of light in a galley kitchen, and we’ll maintain some privacy because the window faces the backyard; it will be super easy to clean by just wiping it down with Windex; and it is modern and unique.

What’s more, the window backsplash dictates the oven I have to buy. I can’t get one that has a back ridge for the controls because it would interfere with the line of the window. Instead, I need a 30″ slide-in gas range, which tend to look a little more stylish, I think…the only downside to that is that sometimes these are a bit more expensive.

image from Lowes (KitchenAid KGSS907SWH $1800)

image from US Appliance (Frigidare FGGS3045KF $1500)

image from Abt (My favorite, probably because of the handles. Frigidare FGGS3075KW $1652)

I’ve been looking for glossy white ranges to match our glossy fridge, but I think I could handle a stainless oven in our all-white cabinet kitchen. We’ll have plenty of silvery accents, so it wouldn’t be completely out of place. Also, they seem to make a lot more appliances in silver these days. Here are some interesting stainless ones that I’ve seen:

image from Rainbow Appliance (Kitchenaid KGSK901SSS $1159)

image from E-ppliance (Frigidare FPGS3085KF $1879)

image from Sears Outlet (Bosch HD1728 $1749)


4 thoughts on “Oven Fresh

  1. Love the window as splashback – I think it will work really well. Sorry if you’ve already covered this, but why have you chosen gas hobs directly above the stove (i.e. a range)? Had you considered an induction hob separate from the actual oven, giving you more flexibility to where you put it and not interfering with your lovely clean lines?

    • Hi there, do you mean a separate oven and cooktop? I guess we were going with the range because an all-in-one is usually cheaper; however, given that we need a slide-in now, they might be just about the same price. Because the controls won’t be on top of the slide-in oven, it won’t interfere much with the lines. Also, we are somewhat limited on our counter space…if the cooktop doesn’t go above the oven, it would have to go on our bar area, and I’m looking forward to that being where we generally eat dinner. But, anything is still possible at this point! Thanks!

  2. Thank you – that’s exactly what I meant, and your reply makes perfect sense. I am very much looking forward to seeing what it looks like in situ. Also, any thoughts on gas vs induction?

    PS I am happily pinching a number of your ideas – our bathroom sink cabinets, for example – thanks for taking the time to blog.

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