Lit Up

Lighting is important, and I haven’t given it enough thought yet. Most of our lights will be can-style (similar to the picture below) for functionality…which I really like, since I don’t give lights much thought.

image from Affordable Lamps

We’ll have a pendant over our dining area, and we’ve narrowed the field to a couple of options that we both agree are interesting, but not too outrageous or competitive with the other features in the house.

image from All Modern

image from SchoolHouse Electric

I think a ceiling fan is nice to have in a living room and bedroom, especially living in a warm, humid climate. We’ll have several can lights in the living room, so I think a fan without a light kit would work.

image from Lamps Plus

In the bedroom, we’ll probably eliminate a can light or two and go with a the lighted version of the fan above instead.

I have a ceiling fan in the kitchen of the old house (the “Egg,” the best discontinued fan in the world, by the way). While I love a fan to cool the room when cooking, a fan in our new galley kitchen might crowd the area, so we’ll just go with can lights and under-cabinet lighting.

image from Ikea Fans

The bathrooms will have can lights, but they’ll also have vanity lights. I like this for the guest bath:

image from Lumens

In the master, because we have a window high above our sink, we’ll have pendant lights on each side. This is a relatively new development, but we like the teardrop sconce above as a pendant, and we also like something like this:

image from Lumens


4 thoughts on “Lit Up

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  3. I hope you don’t mind if I make a suggestion based on our experience of specifying the lighting for our about-to-be-built home.

    When you start out, typically you go to a lighting shop/book and look at the fixtures. We learnt that we had to think about lighting back-to-front: first think about what light effect you want, then let that determine the light fixture.

    We spent a huge amount of time visualising how we would use the spaces in the house, at different times of day, different times of year, for relaxing, reading, working, cooking, eating, cleaning, sleeping, looking for the back of an earring that you just dropped etc etc.

    Crucially, you need flexibility, and that means having lots of things on dimmers and giving thought to which lights go together on which circuits, and which are kept separate. We spent days working through all the different scenarios that we might want to have, and the result is that we need far fewer lights than we thought we would.

    Paradoxically, in order to fully enjoy a light effect – and you are right: lighting *is* really important – you need shadow and variation within the intensity of overall light in a room, and that’s precisely what banks of down lighters don’t give you.

    We too had sort of assumed down lighters (cans) in a grid fashion as in your first photo but were quickly shot down in flames (“someone has sneezed down lighters all over the ceiling” said our supplier/designer, rather brutally). And he is right: in a bedroom for example you might need bedside lights for reading; wall lights for any art; and cans on dimmers to illuminate pathways around the bed and by the doors that – when at full brightness – can also light the room for cleaning/looking for the earring you dropped purposes. And maybe some little LEDs for the wardrobes.

    We were completely out of our comfort zone, and many times my head would ache from trying to visualise it all (and I haven’t even mentioned phone and data lines, and where you want the actual switches for your light circuits), but I am really glad we have gone through this process of educating ourselves. Like you, we are spending most of our time and all of our money on this house and we truly believe in the design. Lighting can utterly transform spaces and bring out their full potential, and we are hoping the time we spent on planning the lighting will do justice to our house. I’ll let you know!!

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