Ghostly Images

We’ll have an eat-in bar/breakfast bar/peninsula/whatever you want to call it in the future kitchen and we’re super excited about it.

It seems that everyone always ends up standing around my kitchen at parties, and that works in the old house, because it’s fairly large and open. People won’t be able to fit in the galley kitchen of the new house quite as easily. The peninsula solves this issue—friends can sit or gather around it comfortably, and it’s great because the bar area opens into the main living area, where others can congregate. Even better is that we can eat our meals there and hang out together while cooking.

Because our bar is counter-height (36”), we’ll need bar stools that are only 24-26” tall, so our knees don’t hit the counter. There are lots of great bar stools out there, and I don’t mind mixing colors or styles, as long as they are interesting, modern, and sturdy. For all of these reasons, plus the fact that we are furniture design nerds, we’re going with the Kartell Charles Ghost stools, designed by Philippe Starck.

image from Design Public

I like that they disappear into their surroundings, and while these beauties look fragile, they are actually shock and scratch resistant, stackable, suitable for outdoor use, and even recyclable, in case we change our minds later on. We’re planning to slowly collect three or four Ghost stools on sale. We scored our first one in glossy black last weekend for 75% off the usual cost! Now it sits in a corner of the old house patiently waiting for its permanent home under our new counter.


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