Take It Outside

We’ve considered indoor lighting, but there are lights outside to think about too. All of the outdoor lights should match our silvery finish choice on door handles and accessories…seriously, the details that are put into building a place from scratch are endless…

We’ll have a single sconce on our front, back, studio, and master bedroom porches, and it only makes sense to match them. With only one light on the porches, we’ll want it to be bright (but not bright like a bare bulb or bug zapper). We like this for our main outdoor lighting:

image from All Modern

We’ll have motion-detector security lighting on the corners of our house. Most security lighting is pretty ugly, but this one below is decent-looking and solar-powered:

image from Lighting Universe

Around the front and backyard, we are opting for solar stake lighting, which is pretty inexpensive and easy to replace. The steel ones below are brighter and get better reviews than most other pathway lights (they also come with bulbs that change colors for fun nights!):

image from Lowes

At the risk of lighting it up too much, I’d also love my back deck to have string lights too, at least for special occasions. I imagine it would look something like this:

image from Harvey Park Modern


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