Come On In!

Yesterday we introduced the real outside of our house, but I’ve never shared the virtual inside of the house from the 3D walk-though that our designer provided some time ago. There isn’t a good way to share photos from the walk-through, as it’s very much like playing an old-school computer game with the arrow keys and commands. Yesterday, fueled by too much coffee and giddy from the cooler temperatures, I was determined to walk myself through the house, so I figured I’d take a few photos during the process. Photos of a computer screen never turn out all that well, so bear with me…

So, here we go, this is my workstation at the old house and the first view of my kitchen:

Here’s the living room, container and window wall on the left, what we call the “focal wall” in the living room straight ahead (imagine lots of artwork), and our dining area and doors to the back porch to the right (with a view of our kitchen peninsula).

This is a better view of the kitchen, standing in the back corner of it. You see the upper and lower cabinets with the window backsplash on the right and the beginning of the peninsula straight ahead.

Here’s what I’ll see every morning when I wake up: closet on the left as you walk into the bathroom area, sliding doors to our bedroom patio, and another closet to the right.

Finally, here’s a view of the outside of the house; it’s what my next door neighbors will see…until we put the fence up, that is. It’s the worst photo of the bunch, but I like the house from the side angle, and I’ve never really seen it before.


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