Dream Home

Following the interior views from the last post, these images of Angelo Morasco’s Denver home are just what I picture our future house looking like when I close my eyes.

Just like in our house, there’s the sliding coat closet doors on the right, a bench on the left. Especially interesting to me is all the light that is streaming through the door. We’ve been considering a door made of solid wood (no window) to match the front of the house, but it could get a little dark. The windows on the door make all the difference to this area, and it may be something we should reconsider.

This picture looks really similar to the one I posted of our virtual living and dining space. They have a focal wall with the windows, and we’ll have the same thing (minus windows–our windows would be on the left wall if this were our house). However, we plan to put our TV and entertainment stuff along the focal wall and arrange our furniture in a really similar way.

all images from Freshome

The outside of our house won’t exactly look like this, but there are similarities, like the wood at the entry and the overhang above the porch. I really like the simple landscaping and the glow from the windows. This is a modern, warm house that just beckons you to visit….which is the same thing we’d like to accomplish with our place.


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