Super Scary

To help insulate our future house, we’ll apply SuperTherm to the containers. SuperTherm is an insulating, anti-rust, water-proof paint that NASA actually used on their shuttles, and that’s been used commercially now for years on metal structures.  This paint is ceramic-based, non-fading, and it comes tinted in lots of different colors (however, the manufacturer warns that darker colors are less effective because they don’t reflect light).  We need to decide on a color for our exterior from the spec sheet below:

Maybe this picture is better, but colors are never what they seem on the internet:

Because I can’t get a good read on the colors, and because the spec sheet clearly states that “samples approximate actual paint color,” I find this process terrifying.  How will I know what color I’m really getting?  I’m reminded of the only time my parents ever painted our family home–the colonial blue they picked turned out to be Smurf blue instead.

This might not be so scary if we weren’t considering using Hardie siding’s pre-colored line.  We like the idea of using the already-painted Hardie because it’s the same price as the no-color, and that means we’ll save because we won’t have to pay an exterior painter.  This is what our local big-box store carries:

Scary, right?  This is a job for the artist-husband!  Presently he’s leaning towards the Light Mist, Heathered Moss or Monterey Taupe.  I just have no idea what color of SuperTherm matches these…


5 thoughts on “Super Scary

  1. We painted our house what we thought would be white with a hint of yellow, which in really turned into hello look at me yellow! I say do exercise caution. I like the three Hardi plank colors.

    • I’m probably leaving color pickings to T…do you remember that I painted our bathroom 4 times in one year because I kept picking the wrong shades? Ugh, exterior is so much more important!
      Is your house still yellow? I thought it was white!

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