Ship Lights

Ship lights, say that five times fast.

I’m not sure what made me think of these, but I like the idea of using ship (or bulkhead) lights in a container house.  Ship lights are industrial, minimal, and high-performing in wet areas; and then there’s the obvious familiarity: ship lights and shipping container houses coexisted in their past lives.

A lot of ship lights are bronze, but some are chrome, and I like the chrome finish better with our silver aluminum windows.  Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn make these types of lights, but the real ones are found as salvage or at

I could see either of these as an awesome front porch light:

image from Newlights

image from Houzz

Two of these could frame the sliding doors on our back porch and the studio porch:

image from Mutual Building

This could be the pair of vanity lights that will hang on either side of our mirror in the master bath:

image from Svpply

Here’s the interior of Amelie and Friends, a restaurant in the UK with ship lights and metal conduit lines decorating and providing ambiance in the dining room:

image from Sprk


4 thoughts on “Ship Lights

  1. ship lights ship lights ship lights ship lights ship lights


    These look really awesome. It’s crazy how something so… so minimal and functional and industrial can really pull a room together (like in the restaurant photo).

    Now, to find some ship lights….

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