A Loss

It’s been a difficult few days. We’ve lost a person that was very dear to us, very influential in our lives. Beyond being an all-around great person, he was the biggest and earliest supporter of our future house. He relished in the details of the building and once sent me four pages of instructions about how to deal with contractors and developers, and one of the first steps was to agree upon a timeline…oh, we should have listened more closely! He talked about throwing a huge bash when the house was complete for our families and friends. We wish he could have seen and celebrated the fruition of all our plans, but more than anything, we just wish we had more time with him.


3 thoughts on “A Loss

    • I guess I was a little unsure of putting anything on here about him, but his influence on this house is unmistakable. Last night, I was reading old emails from when we first told him about the idea, and he was so excited about the environmental aspects, so full of suggestions. He always wanted updates, even just a few weeks ago he was asking about it. Yes, he is definitely missed.

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