Light Bright

Thank you guys for the kind words on the previous post. There’s no easy transition to make here, so I won’t even try.

The next few posts will be about the specifics we are working through on the house following a recent meeting with our developer and contractor. At this meeting, we were able cross a lot off our lists and move closer to obtaining all permits to begin construction.

Because I’m a big fan of natural light, and I was worried about our hallway appearing dark, I proposed to our team that we either add a window to the front door or a transom window above the door. The front door has the cool disappearing effect that we want to keep:

image from Peninsula Residence

We could easily achieve the light without undoing our disappearing door by fitting a window along the lines of the wood cladding. We think we’re going with vertical wood slats (rather than the horizontal style above), so the doors with narrow windows on the second row below could work…I especially like the doors with three windows.

image from Crestview Doors

The other option for light is a transom window…you know, the window that goes above the door:

image from 27 eStore

This is another one of those issues that’ll come down to budget, but I like the light streaming in, and it seems welcoming to introduce a window to the front entryway.


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