All the Trimmings

A modern, industrial house would never have ornate crown molding (or moulding if you’re British).

image from Great Home Painting

But what about trim along the floorboards or around doors? Contractors like molding because it tends to hide imperfections at the bottom of wallboard. If you’ve ever seen sheets of wallboard at a lumberyard, you know the edges tend to be a little worn and jagged. A little strip of molding will cover that and help out if the floor is a little uneven too (which could be the case with a container floor, like below).

image from Architecture Addiction

Our developer suggests no trim. She says that the metal trays that our wallboard affixes to should be enough. Below is a close-up, pretty bad picture that I took of the Cordell house with the tray holding the wallboard:

I prefer the clean look of no molding, but if it means the difference in cost or extra labor, I can deal with a small (and I do mean small, like less than two inches), square strip of trim in either the same color as the wall or floor, like below:

image from Jetson Green


5 thoughts on “All the Trimmings

  1. In Australia we call mouldings ‘cornices’ and floor trim ‘skirting (boards)’ and I dislike them both!! In my container design I would like what I think is called a “floating ceiling’ where the ceiling doesn’t meet the walls. There is a deliberate gap of, say an inch or more, all around the ceiling perimeter in shadow. I’ve seen some with LED’s hidden in them to illuminate the gap at night. You can also do the same with walls and have them stop short of the floor. I’m not sure how hard they are to do but I really like the appearance.

  2. Terry, I agree, shadow gaps (as we call them in the UK) are beautiful. And really, really expensive – it takes meticulous workmanship to get the perfect edges. So we’re not having them either, alas.

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