Inspired, Not Copied

We stopped into one of my favorite buildings in town a few weeks back to ask a few questions about their exterior construction.

I like the boards on the outside of the building, and the owner was nice enough to give us some details about how he achieved the façade.  I thought the wood might be cedar, but he said cedar was too expensive for him, so he found the cheapest boards he could and sealed them.  This was kind of mind-blowing to me.  To get such an awesome look out of very little is pretty inspiring.

And of course it got me thinking about our house.  We want the entry way clad in wood, and we had thought cedar was the answer, but we could be open to other types too.  We’re also planning a decorative feature on the front of our house, and it seems like this wood should match the entry way.

I really like the boards at Native Citizen, but I’m not about to copy them outright.  I’d like to take what I like most about it—the raised texture, color, and warmth that it gives the building, and mix it up with something creative.

image from Inhabitat

image from Minimotives

image from Architect Magazine

image from Calfinder

image from Minimotvies

I took the ideas from the pictures above and came up with this for our house with the color scheme we’r’e leaning towards:

inspiration photos from here and here

I was thinking that this was especially original, until we visited the Cordell house this week.  The outside wall of the house is an intermittent wood screen, and it’s just horizontal instead of vertical.  Oh well, I’m not as original as I thought, but I still like the effect.

I’m not sure how to affix the boards on the front of our house.  They used metal bars at Cordell, but that could get expensive.  I was thinking that you might screw the boards into wooden blocks so that the slats pop and receded and give the facade texture.   Upon seeing my mock-up, our contractor said he could work up a way to fasten the boards  appear to float and the screws or fasteners would be concealed.  Very excited with the way our exterior is coming together!


One thought on “Inspired, Not Copied

  1. I like the look of the vertical boards and I can’t believe that the boards at Native Citizen aren’t cedar! Also: I want to live in that house from Minimotives. Now.

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