You’ve probably figured it out by now, but we’re gathering the final details for the house to submit it to the bank for financing. One fun detail that’s emerged is stone accents in our master bath shower. There will be a curb to step over to get into it (to keep the water in), and we had assumed this would be tile, but our contractor recently suggested stone for both the curb and the shower bench.

Below are some darker stone (slate maybe?) benches and there are curbs in some pictures:

image from RMG Stone

image from Materials and Sources

image from eHow

I love the grey shower below, and since we’ve been warned that Modwalls may not fit in the budget, something like this might be a nice alternative:

image from The Handmade Home

And then there’s always lighter stone, like marble (what a great mix of tiles and stones in the first pic below):

image from The Loveliest Day

image from DecorPad

image from Remodelista


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