Do It All Over Again

Most people have stopped asking when our house will be done (probably because I either go on a tirade, burst into tears, or change the subject if possible), but a coworker recently asked me if we had to do this all over again, would we still choose to build, rather than buy? I quickly answered no.

And then I started backtracking. Yes, we’ve been working on this house forever, but ultimately I think we’re going to love it far more than we’d love any of the houses we once tried to buy (and would subsequently spend all our money fixing up).

Why would I say this? Well, we’re eventually going to get exactly what we want: a modern, ecologically conscious house with creative touches, for the price we want to pay. We’ve had a say in the development of every single thing in this house. The house was designed around our personal wants and needs, not just on what the average consumer wants. Instead of choosing from a few flooring choices, as most people get when they build a new house, we are choosing every fixture and finish that will be used.

It’s intense, and it’s not for someone who doesn’t care for mundane details, but that’s not me…but you know that if you’ve been following along with me choosing handles, toilets, plants, and the like.

The same coworker then told me that I must have the patience of a saint, as this project has taken two years, and it’ll still be months more. I’m not sure if it’s patience or stubbornness at this point. Now that we know what we can be, we aren’t going to turn back and take another route. We’ve also invested money and so much time, so we’ve got to complete this house, dammit. (Yeah, it’s stubbornness.)

So my final answer is yes, we’d do it all over again. However, I’d caution anyone out there that if you want to build a non-traditional house, you need to know that it’ll take forever, you’ll be far more involved than you ever imagined, and you’ll have to find a way to somehow keep the faith that someday it’ll all be worth it.


5 thoughts on “Do It All Over Again

  1. Oh, great post. I could have written it, word for word, including the immediate ‘no’ followed by the reflective ‘yes’. We have just broken ground and cleared the site, we’ll be pouring the foundations by the start of next week and it is SO EXCITING. It has been three years in the planning what with one thing and another, though, and a long long long three years they have felt.

    I love your blog – thank you!


      • April, I’m toying with the idea of a blog, also, and looking at WordPress. May I ask how you loaded the pictures of the containers as your top horizontal image? I am looking through their templates but haven’t yet found one that will allow me to put an image of my own up there (is it called the banner?). Thank you!

      • I’d love to follow your house updates on a blog–you should do it!

        The picture is a banner, and lots of WordPress themes have interchangeable banners or say you can upload your own pics. Check out the theme details to be sure or do a preview of the theme. It’s easy once you choose one, just follow the prompts and crop it to the right size (long and skinny). Hope this helps!

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