Container Utopia

Did you guys see this article in the Houston Chronicle last weekend? Probably not if you aren’t from the area, so check it out. It seems that the Hive Houston shipping container project that I’ve been hearing about for years may actually happen!

image from Inhabitat

Hive will be a “master-planned, artist-centric utopia,” made of hundreds of stacked containers that would be art studios, apartments, and small businesses. The people behind Hive (including one of the principals of the Cordell house) have presented their idea to the city and it seems to be under serious consideration.

The idea of Hive is cool enough, but get this: the project is planned just across the street from our future residence! It’s complete coincidence that we are all using shipping containers in the same area. But, then again, maybe it isn’t, as we’re so near the ship channel that this type of construction is almost obvious. Of course, a large development like this brings a few concerns about the traffic in the area, but York is a fairly large road, and we like the nature of the architecture, businesses, and future residents at Hive, so we absolutely welcome it. With the addition of the almost-complete shipping container remodel of the Moon Tower Inn, the east side is becoming a mecca for containers.


6 thoughts on “Container Utopia

  1. We love that you wrote about HIVE! We’re actually a nonprofit and while Mayor Parker likes our project, the City of Houston isn’t involved. We’ve been in a negotiation on a property that’s currently owned by Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Our plans are to build a 250,000 square-foot mixed-use development that includes very low cost rental apartments and wonderful local businesses. The 500 repurposed shipping containers are only the beginning of the story when it comes to our environmental plans. Being great neighbors is very important to us. We really need to be in touch!

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