A Step Forward

We fought the city, and WE finally won! In our last phase of permitting, the city was trying to make us build a 5 foot wide, 75 foot long sidewalk to replace and enhance the existing one, along with an ADA-compliant ramp because we’re on the corner. This just seemed outrageous to us, and I outlined our reasoning a couple of posts back.

So we gathered all the evidence we could find of other sidewalks in the area, along with the proposed improvements, and brought along a good friend/future neighbor/city activist for support to the appeal meeting last night, and it worked! We do still have to build the ADA ramp, but we are allowed to keep the sidewalk as-is, which will save us thousands of dollars. I’m still in shock over this win, as it just hasn’t happened too much with this project. It’s a Christmas miracle!


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