New Construction (not ours, but still)

I’ve noticed some interesting new homes on the market in Houston, and it’s exciting to see something so different from the other new construction in the area.

The house below is very near where our property is, and it’s very modern with cement board accents, slanted roofs, and bright colors. This place appears to be one of several that look similar and share a common yard space, kind of like a townhome. Unfortunately it lacks a garage/studio and a yard for the dogs, otherwise I’d actually consider buying this!


image from HAR

Across town, a near-northside neighborhood is being built with options for traditional or contemporary home facades (see below). It appears that most of the insides look alike, regardless of the outside. We toured one during an open house recently, and while pretty basic, they are nice and totally comfortable.


image from West End Realty

1-9-2013 8-58-45 AMimage from Avenue Place

I like the newer looks that are popping up. It only gives more credibility to our modern look and refreshes my hope that our place can be built affordably and green, as these homes were.


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