Have you noticed the quiet around here on the blog? Between the holidays, the boxes everywhere (many have been sitting around the old house for a year now!), our landlords and a tenant in our old garage/studio, the old house deteriorating, the stress and planning for the new house, we have become completely overwhelmed.

Our living situation is beginning to affect everything in our lives…it’s become us. It’s like I woke up and became Gregor Samsa, only in snail-form with a home attached to my back. Someone recently even told me that the container house (this still non-existent, future house!) is a part of my identity. I think that’s proof enough that we’ve let this situation consume us far beyond “rock n roll problems.”


Kafka book cover from Natrona County Public Library

Therefore, this is the metamorphosis of our house situation, and you’re not going to like it because we don’t like it, but a metamorphosis is a change, and that’s what we need. So here it is: while we have secured permits, and won our sidewalk variance, we still can’t find a contractor who can build our home for our budget. We’re waiting on the last few bids right now, but if they don’t meet our price, we’re going to have to suspend this container house project. Yes, I’ve rallied for perseverance and patience when building a home in the past, but after you’ve talked to 10+ contractors who say the house can’t be built within your budget, all the patience in the world isn’t going to help.

Fingers crossed, still, because this house is what we want, but the reality of our situation is setting in. I’ll let you know what happens next.


2 thoughts on “Kafkaesque

  1. April, what a gutting post to have to write. You have worked so hard for so long on this, and it is a beautiful and well-considered project, reflecting the needs of the site, your needs and your ethos. I know what deliberations you must have made before accepting the possibility that it might not go ahead, and I feel wretched for you.

    It is difficult not to be bitter seeing the inappropriate, architecturally nondescript and ubiquitous recent new-builds sprawling around our towns and cities, built en-masse by developers.

    I fervently hope one of remaining contractors comes up trumps. If they don’t, can you sit on the land while you regroup and plot how to get the house built?

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