One Last Push

It’s hard to walk away from something you love. This house has been a long-term dysfunctional relationship for us, full of hope, countered by disappointment, and always on the edge of ending. Usually when your friends witness this kind of horror, they encourage you to leave the relationship, but surprisingly ours aren’t doing that at all. Ours friends won’t let us give up on the house without a fight. In the past week, we’ve gotten numerous emails and phone calls from friends that start with, “have you thought of…” or “you should call…” We’ve sat at bars and in living rooms recounting our plight to people, expecting them to support us in forgetting all about his house, but they shake their heads and tell us we have to keep trying.

At the same time, we’ve accompanied a realtor to a half dozen houses just to see what’s out there…and nothing appealing is for sale right now. We’ve seen some interesting neighborhoods, but not the right house, especially compared to the house we’ve planned.

Therefore, our decision has to be to throw ourselves into this container house and give it one final push. We owe it to ourselves, our designer, our plans, our friends, and to you who have followed this saga for years now. But if the clouds don’t part for some kind of construction miracle to happen in the next couple of weeks, we’ll have to move on.


5 thoughts on “One Last Push

  1. April, I am sending all the positive vibes I can. Ultimately the most important thing is time and life – yours and your husband’s – and you are right to include walking away in your options. But I am hoping with every fibre that you will manage to build this terrific house. The very best of luck for the next crucial weeks.

  2. When we were receiving bids it seemed like the contractors were just pulling random numbers out of the clear blue sky and then adding some zeros at the end. None of it made any sense. We finally decided that location was more important than sq ft and changed/simplified our plans a little, found a down to earth contractor, and pushed on. It was rough but 5 years later it seems well worth it and in another 5 I could see attempting this again.

    Fingers crossed you receive some good news soon!

  3. I am seriously pulling for you guys, and keeping you in my thoughts. I admire so much what you have been attempting to do, and even if it doesn’t work out at this time, I hope that it does at some point. No matter what, I’ll always be very thankful for you taking the time to share your experience on this excellent blog. It has been inspiring.

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