Water and Sewer, Take Three

While working through the issues impeding our construction, our water and sewer issue came up again. A month or so ago, a contractor alerted me that the manhole we were instructed to connect to did not visibly exist in real life. After some digging at the city, they told us that the manhole had been paved over (!!) by the Public Works Department. This was an issue for us because it would cost quite a bit to run the line 20 feet to the road, and we’d have to bust up and repair the road in order to do it.

So last week I made my third trip to the Water and Sewer Department, and apparently the third time is the charm…

The city has finally confirmed by a field visit and a circle on a very old map that there is a closer 6″ line that we can connect to–it’s actually right between our sidewalk and the street. This will make connection far less expensive…like tens of thousands of dollars cheaper! What’s more, the city told me that I was lucky: my lot and the lost line are located on page 4 of a 9-page map they found in their archives. The other 8 pages of that map were lost in a flood some time ago!

2-4-2013 3-32-04 PM

Really, I can’t make this stuff up.


2 thoughts on “Water and Sewer, Take Three

  1. That’s why you fight hard for what you want! Keep going, if you want to build it then build it.

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  2. It’s scary how random these things can be – especially when they have such huge financial implications. And the people who work for the city (or the utility company, or any one of the many consultants involved in issuing permits, etc ad nauseam) just don’t get it – it’s so hard and so expensive to self build, that any one unnecessary cost might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It drives me wild.

    Amazingly, it went in your favour this time, and I’m delighted for you – I imagine this news couldn’t be more needed right now!

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