Making the Grade

This past weekend a friend kindly pointed out that I haven’t posted in weeks. He’s right, so pardon the lag…I am literally holding my breath. It seems like things are going well and that we will actually build this house, but in our experience, you just never know. So I’m trying very hard not to get too excited or too upset about anything just yet.

But, big news, they are going to grade our land this week or early next. Essentially that means that they’ll flatten the land, remove all debris and vegetation, take out the chain-length fence, and prepare the sand pads for the house (because we’ll be on a pier and beam foundation, they use sand under the home to keep water from collecting). We thought this would be an easy job, but it turns out that the old houses that used to sit on our property are still partly there, just in rubble form under mounds of dirt and weeds. Of course the grading will be a little more expensive than expected, and it means that there will be plenty of rusty things unearthed for my husband to try to collect!

I’m going to attempt to take a picture every few days once the progress begins, so let’s just call this beauty the “before”:

photo (4)


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