Around the Track

Making decisions on little details is becoming crucial at this stage of the game, because every piece feeds into our budget. So, we’ve returned to a discussion about lights.

A long time ago, we settled on recessed can (or pot) lights to for most of the home. It seemed like an easy, contemporary choice. However, we didn’t consider that a hole has to be sawed through the container ceiling to attach each can, and steel isn’t the easiest thing to permeate. Each hole (and we have 21 on our plans) could cost $50 to cut because of the saw blades that frequently break. That’s a lot of money before light fixtures are even factored in!

At our friends’ loft, they have track lighting. I had never really considered track lighting because it seemed so temporary and out of place in most homes. But this isn’t the case at all in modern or industrial-looking homes. Tracks seem to fit in and they allow you to control where the lighting is, so you can light artwork or reading areas better.


image from CoCoCozy

Of course, track lighting will also need holes cut for their electrical boxes, but the amount of cuts will be dramatically reduced.


image from Lamps Plus

So this seems like a no-brainer, right? Track lights win. But do they really? We’ve been pricing track lighting systems, and they are expensive! And small! Most systems are only 4′ long and at least $40, and we’d likely need to string a few of these together. When you begin comparing that to the can lights at about $12 each, it all starts to even out. More cuts = more money, but more lights = more money.

After consideration, we’re probably going with our original can plan, afterall. Specifically, we’ll want 6″ white, baffled, remodel-style, insulated (IC) cans (according to this article, anyway). We like the can lights and their understated look, and we like that they are recessed and not infringing on the sight line of the ceiling.


image from J Design Group

In all honesty, we are fighting ourselves to even care about these details…at this point we just want a house!


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