While everything is still getting approved and official at the bank (I swear, every time I say that, I get heart palpatations!!), we met up with our designer again this week. She shared a really great detail with us: she has secured beautiful used containers…even better than these that she had previously found, but had to release because it’s taken so long. They are in almost-new condition, which is apparently a rare find at the used price. Even better, these almost-perfect boxes have something unexpected and really cool in the flooring: a metal strip that runs the entire length of the container. It’s difficult to explain, so check out a picture of one:

photo (44)

photo by Numen Development

Our designer says that 45′ containers come in several different floor configurations–some have this strip (plus the steel rectangular piece at one end), others have only wood, and still others have a larger metal plate that takes up about half the containers. I have no idea why containers have this feature, but I think it could be a great design element.

We already know that we’ll need transitions on the floor to join our three home containers together, so this kind of gives us direction. We can match the transitions to this strip for almost a striped effect. Or, we could choose to paint the strip to either stand out (like this one) or to match the wood and make it disappear altogether. We can do the exact same thing with the steel plate at the end of the container too.

Notice the quality of the floors in this picture too. This is a relatively new container with pretty nice wooden floors, but there are some scratches and grooves. We’re totally fine with this, as we’ll be sanding, staining, and epoxying the floors, so they’ll be smooth in the end, but they’ll still show a lot of character.


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